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Feb 4. Learning Feng Shui with Debra Pomeroy Master Feng Shui Consultant of JaneRae By Design.

It’s shifting this February 4th, so be sure to be ready for it. 2018 is the “Year of the Dog” and you don’t want to miss out on what this means for you, your home, your relationships and your career. Every year you want new experiences, new opportunities and advancement in your life. But if you do the same old things year in and year out, you get the same experience year in and year out. Here’s an idea — try working on your annual feng shui!

2018 we will have great energy aspects to tap into in our homes and work environments but with the fortunate energies also come a less fortunate energy, it’s the Yin/Yang ….This workshop will uncover things to expect and what you can do right away! I am honored and excited to help anyone tap into the energies of their environment. Feng Shui is a science and together we can master the energies to bring you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. No better time than Feb 4th, the day in which all the energies change for the year 2018. Time: Sunday 2:00 – 4:00pm. Cost” $45.00. For private consultations contact by email:

For private consultations contact by email:

Feb 5. Tribal Belly Dance with Teri Nichols. Sorry guys, it is just for us girls! Yes … let’s get back to the dance!!!  Join me as I teach you the beginner moves to Tribal.  I will help you to dress in the Tribal style of full skirts and jingles.  Somehow dancing in dress brings out our goddess attitude! Every night together I will teach you some new moves, we will also take time to review previous lessons, and then we enjoy a time of free style to the beat of some rock’n roll! Closing with a cool down and grounding meditation.  Dance like no one is watching!  Classes are held in the Warehouse dance Studio behind the main house.  Time: Every Monday 7-9pm. Cost: First night is free; $10.00 per class; pay for five for $40.00.

Feb 6 & 15 Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop FREE with Carol Layton.  Essential Oils are now the “hot topic” here at Nan’s Rock Shop.  The therapeutic value of these natural plant oils can easily be added to your personal care, home, or healing practices. The well-known company of Young Living Essential Oils is the leading company of the world.  Their motto is “Seed to Seal”.  I am very honoured to be able to offer such high grade products from my shop.  Enjoy, relax, helping you to help yourself. Let me share with you my experience, I invite you.  Ask how to receive 24% off their products. Held in the Kitchen Lounge.  Time: Tuesday OR Thursday 7-9pm. Cost: FREE

Young Living Essential Oils now at Nan’s Rock Shop!


Feb 12 Readings by Darlene Sawler.  It feels so great to be back at Nan’s Rock Shop as a member of the “Team”. My readings are to enlighten and inspire, bring validation and in some situations closure. With the help of my guides, during a reading I receive messages using Oracle, Tarot Cards and Tea Leaves. My most frequently asked questions are “What does my future look like?”, “How does my past effect my future?” and “How do I connect with a loved one?” Thirty minute readings are $50.00. One hour readings are $90.00. Please book directly with me. 902 682-2236

Feb 26 Private Healing Sessions with Darlene Sawler. I will be offering Hypnotherapy ~specializing in past life regression. *This is a two hour session and the fee is $180.00. Reiki, Reflexology and Aroma Touch Therapy are one hour sessions for $90.00. I can assist you in working on your concerns to ensure you live life to the fullest. Check my website, email or call.   902-682-2236

Feb 22 Rock & Oilers Young Living Essential Oil Night with Carol Layton.  A night to get together to ask questions, learn more about essential oils, share recipes and experiences, learn more about this fabulous company and product!.  (Must take my free intro workshop first) Time: Thursday 7-9pm. Cost: FREE

Feb 25 Introduction to Tarot Cards with Carol Layton. There have been many requests for me to offer this workshop again. Come let me show you some simple and basic beginner steps into the World of Tarot.  Using cards as a tool to tap into your intuition with a few tricks of the trade.  You will receive a reading and give a reading. This is a fun workshop, my favourite to share!  Bring your own deck or borrow one from the shop Time: Sunday 1-5pm. Cost $55.00


Private Sessions Available



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