Spiritual Center

With You I Share

Feeling gratitude
for my many teachers
family, friends, colleagues
spiritual guides, Mother Earth
World wide Lightworkers
So much beauty
in all of this support
as I learn
to discover myself
and the value of what I now can share
from the unity of all that is.
I open this Center
I share with you my heart
as the ripples of my discoveries
and the healing of my hurts
give my life purpose
as I put in your hand
for you to sift through yourself
and pick out what you need
as we all move forward
sharing our victories together
love, peace, and harmony
Carol Layton

“Be the change you want
to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Live, Light and Laughter


My Vision

Written January 2017: Another January has arrived! Whew!  Giving myself a moment to sit with it and reflect over the last year.  A lot can happen in a day, a lot can happen in a month …. But oh boy …. Lots and lots does happen in a year!  Again, I take time to notice and appreciate the so many changes and growth.  The shop remains as strong and vibrant as ever and more!  I continue to increase inventory and expand on choices and products to share with you. I am excited to say that I now carry Young Living Essential Oils. This is a beautiful, valuable and therapeutic product (check my essential oil page). I have taken part in some wonderful workshops this year: Animal Communication with Marilyn Chapman NB, Communicating with Trees with Jackie Queally from Ireland, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) refresher with Al Rodee, Halifax. And the big change is that James and I have moved into the main house, we are downsizing and re-evaluating the therapy room space; choosing a simpler and more balanced lifestyle.  My new pride and joy is I am now a grandmother of a beautiful baby boy, and another to arrive in May!  I am now the official “Nan” at Nan’s Rock Shop!!!  Change, though it can be scary at first, following the whispers of my soul – always leading me somewhere, even when I do not know where.  So again, thank you to all who volunteer, who shop, and who participate in events as we continue to keep active in this community, sharing what we know, the goal always to be that of peace, love and health.

Written January 2016: The starting of a new year, as time again comes full circle to a brand new January. There is a new vibration of energy, desires and opportunities in the air, what will I reach out for? There are so many choices! First of all I want to give thanks to everyone who has worked with me in the creation of this beautiful Spiritual Center of 17 years: my valuable volunteers, the colleagues who rent space, the many teachers and of course my treasured customers. This past year’s highlights: the renovation of our warehouse into a dance studio (thank you to my partner James), the six volunteers who work with me in the Rock Shop, the added three consignment displays in the kitchen/lounge area, my revised website and updated computer services by Ashley Wile, new colleagues & new services (especially to Leslie Milne who will continue to offer training and healing modalities that I started here and more), and all other steps of expansion and growth. I feel a sense of accomplishment in my heart, as I allow myself to take a step back and watch it expand now in its own natural rhythm. Thank you to all who have helped me and this business to fly!   Written January 2016

Written November 2003: Hey Fellow Rockers.  Most days you will find me in the Rock Shop, cooking something yummy in the kitchen, or talking with friends and reading an inspirational card in the sitting room.  I have simplified my life to now enjoy all that I have created.  I am grateful for everyone and everything that has contributed to what this Center is today … so much gratitude.    The shop is full  to the brim with earth treasures, new age supplies, local crafted jewelry and products, a large variety of enlightened books, and oracle & tarot cards.  Peek at my hobby farm outside, walk the labyrinth, and join in on our many opportunities of meditation groups, special speakers, and ongoing workshops and events.  Plus take time to relax & heal with a private session from my team of holistic practitioners. Let me share this beautiful space where I grew up, a place of love.  I look forward to your visit!  This is a place like coming home.


Written August 2006: I have lived in this country village of Wilmot for 40 years. I have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase the home that I grew up in, to own the space of such wonderful family memories. Now I open it up to you, a place to feel warm, welcome, and a sense of coming home.

capital essay

I was given a dream, a vision of a place in gold light, a place of sharing, learning, and healing. A place of country gardens, roses, hobby farming, natural, and earth friendly. A place of peace, smiles, wonderment, and simple beauties. A place where anyone who is searching to take the time to reconnect to self, help remember their gifts, accept their value, discover the opportunities of their life, and guidance towards fulfillment. As I continue to create I do discover that I too am healing and growing myself. I look up to the universe and give thanks for such an opportunity as we all learn and share together.


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