Agate: Fire Snakeskin

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Agate: Fire Snakeskin  Fire Agate is an unusual variety of agate. It comes in various shades of molted orange, brown, and transparent. It stimulates vitality and opening the base chakra. Its lovely energy brings through qualities that make you feel good to be alive! Fire agate is so calming while invigorating you at the same time. Its unique protective quality forms a shield around the body for psychic protection… and will return negative energy back to where it came from. It is a highly spiritual stone and its flame energy is like the spiritual flame that evolves from genuine spiritual practices.  It links one to the fire element, fires up your energy system with enthusiasm, creativity, and sexual confidence.   Some users have reported that it is known to increase passion … and to increase the level of desire and emotional happiness in personal relationships.  It dispels fear and promotes a strong sense of freedom to be all you can be!   Life is meant to be joyful! Known as the  “Stone of adventure.”


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