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Chrysocolla is a soft stone that comes in a beautiful bluish-green opaque color. It often reminds people of how the earth looks from outer space. Stone of: enlightened communication, peace, gentleness, tranquility, forgiveness, and understanding. Flushes: hurt, guilt, fear, anger, pain, heat, inflammation and emotional and physical toxins. It calms emotions and brings in understanding and support to face challenges and changes with ease. Especially good in times of transition such as: break ups or job loss. It aids us in finding a new, calm honesty in our voices and hearts, reassuring us when we feel vulnerable. Adds incentive to speak from our heart rather than building defenses. It encourages new levels of communication. Allowing the best qualities of advice to be shared and spread through the world. As we continue to influence each other, evolving, communicating together with open honesty, love  and confidence. Use to enhance intuition to draw unconditional love, whether it be a perfect mate, spirit guide, divine connections. Carol dedicates her favorite piece to connecting to the confident goddess within, a place of success and wise choices!  Known as the “wise stone” or “wise communication”.


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