Chrysoprase – Pocket Size


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Chrysoprase  has a cheerful energy and is a translucent  yellowish to pascal green stone with traces of brown nickel. A great healing stone for the heart, helps attract new love, abundance and prosperity.   It promotes: truth, hope of all things possible, joy and happiness; guiding us through to the vibration of Divine truth.  It draws out creativity and talents.  Along with helping us to accept who we are and open up our gifts to share with the world!  It improves speech, heals inner child needs, and brings in a sense of security and trust as it guides us forward on our path into our full potential!  It has a soothing calm to heal a broken heart, boosts self-esteem, helps settle in times of change and drama, and gifts us with a wise overview of empathy and tolerance for others.  Helping us to not judge the actions of others, letting go of grudges, bringing in forgiveness, realizing that we are all doing the best we can for  we all have a background of experiences that make up individual personalities (including wounds and gifts). Keep this gemstone in your corner and remember to always look on the bright side, even during cloudy weather.  Known as the stone of self care. “Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind a to the body.”  Joseph Addison


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