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Desert Rose colors are usually white, or in the color of the sand from which it was formed. It’s shape is rose blossom-like circles with fragile rose petal edges. It is a variety of selenite/gypsum that is able to hold heat and insulate. It forms from the combination of water, wind and sand in dessert regions found all over the world. Desert Rose holds a gentle energy and it teaches that Life is worth all of its ups and downs. It works to help you bring Light down from higher realms to create personal transformation opportunities. Opens the crown and star chakra. It has been said that it holds an internal energy that is used for protection, prosperity and purification. It helps quiet worries and still the mind of distractions and disruptions as it encourages you to continue with your work on this “Life Walk”. It actually helps to dissolve “programs” we have put on ourselves that are out-dated or over-used, and can replace them with new updated and more efficient suggestions. It helps with: decision making, intuitive work, past life healing, future life glimpses, helps us to interpret and clarify visions, grounding yet encouraging. Also brings prosperity into business and provides a peaceful & tranquil atmosphere for home or work, Physically: stabilizes epileptic disorders, good to use with sick or old animals, and settles stress or anxiety. Do not place in water for it will dissolve. Known as the stone of Clarifying Visions. “When one stands firm and steady in trust, the sand may shift but will not collapse.” Author unknown


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