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Garnet comes in a rainbow of colors, the most common being deep reddish shades, opaque or translucent. It encourages: balance, peace, robust health, survival instinct, protection, healthy sexual desire, imagination, faith, truth, and grace. It inspires: love and devotion, opens up the heart and bestows self confidence, self respect and self love. Aids conditions of: pregnancy, arthritis, blood disorders, depression, lethargy, fever, stimulates metabolism, and good in times of crisis. It aids one to be open to sharing and receiving: love, kindness, and compassion. Reminding us of our gifts and encourages us to walk forward with courage on our Life Path. Sometimes being a giver can be exhausting; this stone can recharge our hearts and help us to realize that our efforts are making a difference.  Don’t give up!  Referred to by Carol as: ”Rose petals from Heaven”. “The stone of devotion and passion.”


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