Hematite – Pocket Size


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Hematite is a form of iron oxide and is a black to silver gray color.  It is the most recommended stone for grounding.  Helps to settle scattered feelings, fuzziness or light-headedness. Settles worry, brain fog, anxiety, fear, being over whelmed.  Helps overcome addictions, compulsions, overeating, smoking etc.  Encourages focus, concentration, willpower, balance, stability, and protection.  It helps to strengthen our connection to the earth making us feel safe and secure.  It aids our spiritual self to be grounded and solid into our physical body.  Physically associated with healthy organs particularly: spleen, heart, blood and kidneys.  Good for any blood disorders, helps kidney’s blood cleansing function, and tissue regeneration.  Helps to keep you on track and remind you what is important. Known as” stone of the mind – focus”.


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