Jasper – Brecciated – Pocket Size


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Jasper – Brecciated comes from a Greek word meaning spotted. It is a multi-colored, spotted, banded or blotchy chalcedony that contains up to 20% of foreign materials in the stone in shapes of ovals, teardrops or donut spots. Almost like an aerial view of the rapids of a river as the water swirls around the intruding rocks (often the main color is bright to soft reds). It is a base chakra stone, encouraging: being grounded, soothing, takes you away from worrying and stress. It brings in strength, vitality, helps on in organization skills … slows you down to one step at a time. It brings in focus to previously scattered / confused / frustrated /overwhelming events. It is occasionally used to assist when dowsing. It aligns the chakras and balances the yin-yang, physical, and emotional. It is also said to bring energies for success in work. This beautiful jasper is thought to help its wearer find a positive outlook in life and achieve a sense of tranquility.  Known as the stone of organization: to help you embrace chaos and get your work done. “I finally figured out that not every crisis can be managed.  As much as we want to keep ourselves safe, we can’t protect ourselves from everything.  If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos.” ― Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Breathing Room


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