Jasper: Fancy – Pocket Size


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Jasper: Fancy is a beautiful type of chalcedony with multiple shades and colors including blends of green, brown, cream, red, gray, yellow, orange, white and lilac. A good stone to represent the season of autumn with its many colors and patterns. It is a stone that offers nurturing, grounding, calms anxiety, worry and fears; helps bring you to the NOW, instead of worrying about the future or guilt about the past. It particularly is a good stone to provide relief from daily stress and worries. It intensifies and lightens the feeling of well-being, boosts energy, helping you to “lighten up” and enjoy yourself more. It pacifies frustrations, anger and regrets yet opens up confidence, inner strength, truthfulness, organizational skills, realistic outlooks, and gentle endings. It is a stone that calms, motivates and inspires; restoring assertiveness and decision making. Physically it helps with ailments of the gallbladder, stomach, circulation, and liver. Known as the stone of “being in the moment”. “Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha


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