Jasper: Leopardskin – Pocket Size


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Jasper: Leopardskin has beautiful leopard or jaguar-like spots and swirling patterns of tan, brown, grey, pinks, black, and gold. It is a wonderful guardian stone that heals and supports, protects you from energies that are not good for you, grounds, and calms chaotic energies. Leopardskin jasper is a stone of shamanic journeys and spiritual discovery, helps you to see and visualize the spiritual language of symbols and pictures, along with helping to connect with your animal totem and elemental Earth wisdom. Also a great stone when connecting/communicating with animals (especially cats). Emotionally encourages: accepting responsibilities and brings in energies of success and manifestation in work and business, attracts what one needs, not necessarily what one desires (helps connect you to what is in your divine plan, and not to settle for less). It settles nervousness, anxiety, and trauma. Bonus: helps to bring in harmony and rekindle love. Physically supports healing conditions of: eliminating toxins and regulating organs and glands, particularly chronic health conditions for it helps draw to you whatever you need for physical healing. It is a stone of regeneration and helps you to look and feel young, strong and worthy (root chakra). Leopard totem medicine: you need to accept your own spots and use them as your own strengths. Stop hiding because of your own perceived weaknesses. You have the power and the strength to accomplish everything you dream of. You simply have to believe, have faith and recognize the right path. Stone of The Wise Cat.


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