Jasper: Mookaite – Pocket Size


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Mookaite is an Australian jasper that combines the bright colors of yellow and red jaspers (an earth rainbow stone). Beautiful art: it is like mother earth painted them with her own personal paint brush. Stone of universal earth mother, Gaia and a focus for regeneration of the planet, starting with ourselves.   Mookaite helps bring out our individual gifts and the courage to act on them.   It helps push us into new experiences that we are capable of accomplishing  and a deep calm in which to face them.  It opens up our many available choices and guides you to what brings us the most satisfaction and joy.  Mookaite is a stone of strength, and decision making.  It channels restlessness into plans to expand our horizons, encouraging us to continue on our life path.  It can help us to connect to loved ones that have passed away, and also personal spirit guides.  Physically it helps the body to heal itself, purifies blood, boosts the immune system, speeds healing of wounds, settles stomach, glands, and fluid levels.  Shields against all negativity.  It unites mother earth energy to our hearts, gentle love, and reminds us that we are a precious individual on this earth and we are worthy.  One of Carol’s favorite stones.  Known as the stone of wise choices.


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