Jasper: Ocean – Pocket Size


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Jasper: Ocean is a form of orbicular jasper from the Madagascar shores. Orbicular refers to the spherical forms found in many rhyolites. Most pieces of Ocean Jasper contain bright Green Jasper but also include many other browns and yellows. Its orbicular patterns remind us that life is cyclical, fluid and rhythmical. This stone has a soothing and nurturing effect, promoting emotional release and healing. These are lovely stones with strong positive heart based energy within them. They help you to feel better about life… as they open up joy, happiness and good spirits. It is a stone that helps one to relax and go with the ebbs of the tide (the ups and downs of life). It is formed within the ocean, carrying an ocean essence – healing effect. Ocean salt being the universal “physical/emotional/spiritual” healer. It helps us to slow down, breathe, and ground ourselves in this very busy and chaotic experience we call LIFE. It helps us to understand that everything has purpose, and to ride out the wave. Known as the stone of reassurance, connecting us to ocean energy.  “The sea, once its casts its spell holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau


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