Jasper: Polychrome

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Jasper: Polychrome Picture is a delightful new find from Madagascar! It was discovered by geologists is 2006 while searching for ocean jasper.  It is a colorful jasper that can be described as Polychrome in color including red, pink, brown, green, blue and greys in swirls of blotches and shapes; as if mookaite and picture jaspers got together and polychrome was born.  It is very beautiful and often resonates with the heart, a sensitivity, a sense of awe and curiosity of what could be, a potential of walking into the unknown with courage and opportunity; it suggests birth, creation, fertility along with a somewhat goddess attitude. It is connected to the flow of raw materials, thoughts and energies and helps you to recognize and realize all that is around you, so you can re-organize, re-create, transform and manifest something new and more! It opens up being true to yourself, taking risks into the unfamiliar with a vision, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. It helps to face your fears and recognize that even in your darkest times, there is always a Light at the end of the tunnel.  This stone holds great determination and focus to help you with your dreams and goals into what is possible, the sky is the limit. This is Poly’s gift to you.  Known as the stone of dreams into reality!


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