Jasper: Red – Larger Sizes

The prices will only be listed for the pocket stones which are the smaller and roundish style.  If you are interested in other sizes, please contact me and I will forward you pictures and prices of what I have available.

Get more about the product, please contact me.

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Jasper: Red has a high iron content which gives it its brownish to orange red color (similar to the color of brick). The Native Americans revered it as the blood of the Mother Earth: in the old times warriors would carry this stone for courage, stamina, and to protect them in battle. In today’s world is a wonderful stone for empowerment, and self-confidence.  Its energy seems to hug you as it supports you in strengthening your foundation so that you feel stable enough to start taking action in your life.  Working with it helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions.  It is a great stone for people who get anxious easily or worry too much.  Red Jasper helps to energize the three lower chakras and helps with kidney, bladder and liver disorders Key words: gently grounds, detoxifies, supreme nurturer, helps to face and overcome the shadow side. “You are on a soulful path that asks you to step into the greatest version of yourself. It is a sacred gift to shine your brightest light, not just in your moments of glory, but each day.” Debbie Ford


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