Jasper: Spider Web


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Jasper: Spider Web is a black and white stone that looks as though a spider has cast black lines of web around the
stone. It is a soothing stone for frayed nerves and brings in the energy of a “wise spider totem”. It helps to connect you to
the energetic webs of life, attracts the people of your tribe & community, and helps to “spin out” your destiny. It is a great
gemstone for guiding you to know what you want and encourage you to be more active in your life. It also is a great filter
for removing negativity, especially negative thoughts and nightmares which can sabotage manifesting your goals. Great
for networking, bartering, and the mixing and coming together of people of a similar goal. Spider Web Jasper grounds our
energy when we are feeling overwhelmed. It reminds us that despite the ups and downs, to remain in the present; it is a
reminder that confusion is but a opportunity to heal and learn, and that life will always have your back. Physically
supports: liver, gallbladder, and soothing to the stomach, a root chakra stone. The spider web reminds us of our
connectedness with the world – that we are strung together in everything that we do. The geometric patterns within the
spider’s web symbolize the links between ourselves, the Creator, and all things. Known as the stone of Spider Magic.


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