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Labradorite is named after the place where it was first found in: Labrador, Canada. It’s color is most commonly blue, blue-green, lavender-blue, or yellowish, and can even be pink or purple; a beautiful labradorescence and mesmerizing reflection of color. It is able to raise consciousness and connect one to universal energies. It is a great stone for developing intuition, meditation, telepathy, connecting to high guides, channeling, automatic writing, past life recall, also can help to connect to family members who have passed over into the Light and permits a safe and grounded return to the present. It is also highly protective and deflects (like a mirror) unwanted energies and negative thoughts from others. Part of its magic is bringing serendipity and synchronicity, the coincidences of placing you in the right place at the right time for your highest good. Bringing together better than one could dream possible … beyond expectations! This stone can also uplift one’s health and aura, as well as provide quick relief from worries and tensions; replacing them with enthusiasm, inspiration and self-confidence. It is known as “the stone of magic, protection and Light”.  “Intuition enlightens and so links up with pure thought. They together become an intelligence which is not simply of the brain, which does not calculate, but feels and thinks.” Piet Mondrian.


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