Moonstone: Black


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Moonstone: Black is a shimmering stone with a reflective glow varying  from a light silvery grey to a dark charcoal color usually with lighter bands of white, tan and brown and/or orange threads. It helps to make things new, the rebirth of new ideas and actions, similar to that of a New Moon which is also the black moon. This stone helps you to “hold your Light” (shimmer) in times of chaos, drama, negativity, stress, negative opinions of others including the work environment, family, friends and partner. So often do we let other people and their toxic emotions affect how we feel. It encourages non-judgement of self and others. Good in times of friend or relationship break ups. These moonstones actually absorb light during the day and glow for up to three hours into the night. Moonstone symbolizes the divine feminine energy at its full potential, a dazzling site for the eyes and a miracle of life itself. The black moonstone’s power of grounding combined with the throat chakra helps aid in stuttering or loss of words and aids in conditions or the respiratory system such as colds etc. Known as the Stone to Hold Your Light!


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