Petrified wood


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Petrified wood is a fossil (ancient wood) formed a millennium ago.  Trees and plant like matter were covered with mineral rich water that slowly dissolved/decomposed the wood fibers and replaced them with different minerals (such as agates and sometimes jasper, quartz and even opal) while retaining the original structure of the stem tissue.  Most often it is brown, but can also be grey or green in color, depending upon its mineral replacements. This process is called permineralization. Petrified wood is a base chakra crystal which connects one to the stability of “tree energy”. Healing emotions: fantastically calming, grounds, de-stresses, helps one be practical, business success, calms fears, etc. It  can guide us towards the reasons that we may be feeling erratic or detached, helps us to bring in fresh ideas to problem solve and take the next step forward .  It can be used to calm down survival based fears, helps to make one feel safe and secure, helps one feel ageless.   It also offers “gentle hours in the day”, to assist one in keeping pace with the day, keeping the hours from neither hurrying by or moving to slow (encourages steady progress). Petrified Wood is an excellent gem for leaders. It has endured the ravaging changes of time and become stronger, as will you if you ask for its help in your leadership role. Physically:  relieves back and hip pains (rebalances the skeleton), also good for skin and hair health.  New journeys – Life Lessons – Grounding – Protective – Balancing & Calming


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