Quartz: Angel Aura – Larger Sizes

The prices will only be listed for the pocket stones which are the smaller and roundish style.  If you are interested in other sizes, please contact me and I will forward you pictures and prices of what I have available.

Get more about the product, please contact me.

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Quartz: Angel Aura is created by heating natural clear quartz crystal and infusing it with vaporized platinum and silver, which creates an iridescent appearance of shimmering white, blue, violet, and silver. It radiates a delicate coloring and sweetness that reminds us of angel wings. It therefore stimulates the spirit and lifts one mood towards joy, peace, tranquillity, optimism and contentment. It reminds us to pay attention to the beauty around us in both nature and spirit. It helps us to remember lessons of past incarnations, connect us to insights, and guide us towards our spiritual purpose. It is a high vibration and helps us to connect to guidance from the love of angels and higher beings. Helps to clear and purify: auras, chakras, and energy fields plus helps remove: cords, negative spiritual attachments, and karmic debts. Known as “The Stone of Attunement to Beauty”.


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