Quartz: Aqua Aura – Larger Sizes

The prices will only be listed for the pocket stones which are the smaller and roundish style.  If you are interested in other sizes, please contact me and I will forward you pictures and prices of what I have available.

Get more about the product, please contact me.

Contact For More Info.

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Quartz: Aqua Aura  are created by heating natural quartz crystal and infusing them with vaporized gold which creates a striking blue color that flashes etheric shades of shimmering violet. Wearing aqua aura is said to help one shine with one’s inner beauty, to attract wealth and success, to bring forth esoteric wisdom, and to assist in creating an aura of peace and well being. It is strongly connected to the element of water and therefore is a stone for enhancing one’s access to the truth of emotions, feeling and expressing rather than holding and suppressing. It’s high and intense vibration aids in communication from heart to head, allowing for the recognition and communication of the highest truth. Increases psychic skills, spiritual awareness, innocence, genuine, honesty, and truth. It serves to help raise the vibration of humanity. Known as “The Stone of Spiritual Elevation”.


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