Quartz: Blue – Pocket Size


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Quartz: Blue has a color that varies from gray to deep blue.  It is a quartz crystal with inclusions of blue minerals such as: dumortierite, blue rutile, tourmaline or zoicite.   Blue Quartz is a calming stone which also protects from negativity.  It has all the general properties of Quartz but also additional properties associated with its color.  It has the effect of balancing the throat chakra, it can assist in communication, speaking one’s mind and allow its owner to reach out to others.  Blue quartz crystal is a soothing, stress-relief stone. It helps us to face our fears, calms the mind, inspires hope, and promotes understanding of our spiritual nature.  It can lift depression and replace it with peace and happiness. It also can help reduce stubbornness, particularly stubbornness that is ultimately bad for one. Blue quartz helps reduce emotional tension.  . Blue quartz is especially fine as a peace or tranquility stone.  This quartz is said to be particularly helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries and intestinal problems.  Known as the stone of Balanced Thought.


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