Quartz: Fairy


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Quartz: Fairy is heated and dyed quartz crystal.  It is shiny, sparkly and cheerful.  It brings out the inner child emotion of wonderment and innocence.  It helps attract the fairies, brings out the giggles. It helps to attract the fairies, who enjoy sparkly things.  Bring in fairy energy to your situation or space, place in a fairy garden created to attract fairy playfulness, magic and charm.  Fairies are everywhere.  They are in your garden, at the park, with your pet, and wherever flowers grow.  Because fairies are close to the earth, they offer practical guidance, and help with everyday issues such as relationships, health, finances and such.  Fairies know how to work the planet’s energies in safe, loving, and magical ways!  They are nature angels, who help to look after plants and animals, and care for the earth.  They help to lighten any situation and remind us that success is also knowing when to have some fun!


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