Quartz: Rutilated


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Quartz: Rutilated  is a combination of clear or smokey quartz with hair like inclusions of rutile (titanium oxide mineral).  These fine like inclusions of metallic hair can be gold, silver, or copper color. Rutile is said to represent crystallized angel hair or cupids arrows of love. As like all types of quartz crystal … they are known to be strong amplifiers of energy, along with the added vibe of the rutile strands. It helps with “lightening the load” and can help us feel less overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities.  Also helps with depression, loneliness, anxiety, fears, and relationship dilemmas. It can help us to connect to angel energy and the realization that we are never alone, helping to connect us to the thoughts, people or circumstances that will guide us to the next step towards our inner goal. It helps to bring in the positive uplifting energy of inspiration, creativity, joy and love.  It stimulates our spiritual creativity and our ability to manifest our heart’s desire.  These are powerful amplifiers of our thoughts. Stone of “Light for the soul.”


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