Quartz: Snow (milky quartz)


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Quartz: Snow (milky quartz) is a variety of quartz crystal filled with trapped water, air, or gases – causing the stone to be snowy or milky in appearance.  It supports you while you are learning lessons and helps you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.  Especially helping to overcome martyrdom and victim-hood, bringing you to a balance. It helps you to remember what it is like to see the world with the enthusiasm and natural curiosity of a child, and to remember not to take life so seriously.    It helps you to think before you speak and when used in meditation, it opens you to deep inner wisdom previously denied in yourself and society.  It is useful to calm a situation or provide relief to one.  Beneficial for meditation and helps gently open the crown chakra to the higher wisdoms in all directions (seeing the understanding of all sides to the situation). It has a calming and peaceful effect.  Good for building up the immune system.  Snow Quartz is appropriate wherever Clear Quartz would be used. Its effect is slower and gentler but nevertheless effective. “Known as the stone of peaceful reflection.”


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