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Rhodonite is smoky pink in color called the burning rose, named after the Greek word Rhoden.  The focus of rhodonite lies on balancing emotions, it soothes the nervous system.  Still it is used to treat conditions that are caused by emotions such as stress, heartache, grief and nightmares.  It encourages forgiveness and reconciliation through understanding. It is also a stone of helping one to grieve, letting go, and forgiving losses; a gentle heart nurturer. This gemstone vibrates with love, it raises self-worth and helps ward off lower vibrations such as guilt, self-sabotage, and self-criticism. To maintain harmony, one needs to maintain calm to remain level-headed in dealing with other people’s misdeeds.  Helps with family bitterness & rifts, helps young people control tempers & swearing, keeps away physic attacks & spite from others.  Rhodonite is able to “burn off” that which no longer serves us and exposes and opens up our beautiful heart.  Everyone has their own skills and limitations … rhodonite helps you recognize and open up your gifts, to be all you can be.  Known as the stone of a lighter heart.


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