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Rubellite: is a red tourmaline with hues of pink and deep ruby reds often in a molted/splotchy mixture including white and browns. It has a dazzling effect which helps tune the heart to higher vibrations of romance and a bigger love of self and all that is around us. It helps heal issues of the heart physically and emotionally transforming grief and sadness into feelings of experience, purpose, joy and “spark” for life. It helps you to connect to the deeper side of life and realizing that only you can bring  the happiness of your desires, a powerful love that can only come from inside of you and that is beyond human relationships.  This love reaches out into the universe and the love of all that is. The increase of your life force energies will help you to feel your absolute best and you will feel like you can accomplish almost anything. It brings in a positive outlook and has the gift of diplomacy to help iron out differences, encourages tactfulness & flexibility, promotes creativity in ways to put love out into the world. Especially beneficial for busy people who have many that rely on them, helping you to hold the pace and not get drained.  It supplies enthusiasm, inspiration and drive.  Love what you do and do what you love.  Known as the stone of the “perfected heart”.


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