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Ruby is a stone known in history to be associated with royalty and wealth. It comes in glorious shades of red including a deep red to orangey red and even pink. Precious ruby is on the pricy side, but the lower grades are affordable and hold the same energy intent which makes it a lovely stone to add to any crystal collection.  For ruby encourages passion and zest for life; radiates intensity, blissful.  It opens up joy, spontaneity, laughter, courage and promotes positive dreams.  For all starts with a dream, let Ruby help you on your path to the creation of these dreams. It is a stone of manifestation of your desires and will also support wealth on all levels. Brings in a positive confidence, leadership qualities, encourages vitality, sensuality and sexual energy! It helps to dissolve and solve the triggers that that keep us from owning our potential.  It helps to overcome exhaustion, burn-out, helplessness, lethargy, negative thought patterns, and calms hyperactivity.  The ruby is both a root and heart chakra stone and holds the energy of the red ray. Also found in Ruby Zoicite and Ruby with Kyanite.  Known as the stone of love, courage and devotion.  “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” APJ Abdul Kalam


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