Quartz: Smelt Quartz

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Smelt Quartz is a man-made glass from China.  The color is most often swirling blue.   This glass is made from a mixture of melting natural elements with the addition of adding cobalt that brings in its deep blue color. Color is vibration. In Feng Shui basics everything is alive and made of energy that vibrates at a particular frequency. In color psychology, blue is calming, healing, soothing, and relaxing. Blue represents  the water element, clarity, inspiration, relaxation, renewal, and nobility. Blue is the color of heaven, distance, and water, it is usually experienced as transparent, pure, immaterial, and cool. Blue relates to self-expression, speech, communication, and the ability to communicate our needs and requirements. The color blue has positive effects on the mind and the body. As the color of the spirit, it can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and offer feelings of tranquility. Blue helps to slow human metabolism, is cooling in nature, and helps with balance and self-expression. Blue is also an appetite suppressant. This Blue stone is believed to aid in creating calm and relaxation in crisis situations or chaotic situations, to open the flow of communication between loved ones, to feel genuinely inspired, and to gain the courage to speak from the heart. It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order – we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky. Blue Smelt Quartz helps you to make an effort to express yourself through: writing, chanting, singing, public speaking, and sharing your thoughts. Add a little “sky” to your crystal collection. Known as the stone of awakening, trust and freedom.


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