Sugarlite is a purple turquoise color.  It is a crystal newly offered by Mother Earth to meet the needs and problems of the new world.  It is associated with the Age of Aquarius and with a new more compassionate world view.  Sugarlite triggers your healing powers and you may find others seeking your help and advice.  It directs energy wherever it is needed and removes blockages.  Good for balancing: as it balances the pineal, pituitary, and adrenal glands.  It preserves your integrity and self esteem at work and brings in spiritual values at home to protect from outside forces.  Good for teens to resist peer pressure.  Makes meditation and channeling easier to contact spirit guides and light beings.  Sugalite is an exceptional stone to use as it has the capacity to bring through the violet ray energy. This ray is associated with spiritual growth, deep spiritual love and wisdom… and with the crown chakra.   It will teach you how to live authentically, and you may become aware of why you incarnated to earth at this time. Known as the stone of dreams, possibilities and Light for the future.


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