Quartz: Tourmaline Quartz

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Tourmaline Quartz is a combination of tourmaline spikes or clumps held in the protective Light of white quartz. It acts like a psychic vacuum cleaner, clears out the “bad vibes of all types, repairs the auric field, and promotes general well-being.  Wearing tourmaline quartz throughout the day creates a “bubble of Light” around the body screening out destructive energies.  Tourmaline quartz is able to wash over the aura and clear dysfunctional and harmful energy patterns. It helps you to face and clear what is holding you back, addresses, clears, and re-establishes healthy energy flow.  It offers purification in the protection of the Light.  The Light will fill in the spaces of darkness, like putting a window in your closet and opening the window to the fresh air. Tourmaline quartz helps: clear rooms and environments, (especially good for therapy rooms), helps to improve diet to cleaner eating or cleaning up from substance abuse, plus offers psychic protection.  Human beings are split – divided into the sunlight side and the side that dwells in the shadow.  The tourmaline helps open up the shadows to the Lights of the white quartz. By using this crystal you create a balancing action, which may be classified as a yin-yang energy, encompassing the dualities of light and dark, negative and positive. It shifts opposites into balance because the black neutralizes any negativity and the white or clear quartz enhances positive energy. Known as the stone of Yin and Yang. “It is yin and yang. Light is the left hand of darkness … how did it go? Light, dark.  Fear, courage.  Cold, warmth.  Female, male.  It is yourself … both and one.  A shadow on snow.”  Ursula L. Le


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